Venice Film Festival, Film festival Taipei, July 31 (CNA) Two Taiwanese virtual reality (VR) projects

Venice Film Festival, Film festival Taipei, July 31 (CNA) Two Taiwanese virtual reality (VR) projects

When is the festival airing? The seventy-seven Venice Film Festival on Sept 2 to 12 will be the main significant. Common screening occasion to happen disconnected since the beginning of the issue. Three movies from Russia are among the competitors one in the primary conflict, and two more in the equal Venice days segment. Andrey is a Venice veteran, and the special name in the enmity. His movies have been perceived at the Biennale on various events. Beginning with, the First Teacher in 1966 about the man concentric existence of a Kyrgyz town. And consummation with Paradise in 2016 about the Nazi concentration camps.

This time, the doyen of European film celebrations has made an image about the 1962 slaughter in the Soviet city of Novocherkassk. Why did the army start shooting? When the military started shooting at a serene showing of hungry specialists requesting better working conditions and higher wages, 26 individuals were murdered, and 87 injured. Seven provocateurs of the revolt were along these lines condemned to death.

Yulia Vysotskaya, his better half who

And more than 100 peoples were given long jail sentences, what’s more, everything occurred during the Khrushchev Thaw? My age truly trusted in desalinization, and invited Khrushchev’s exposing of Stalin’s character religion. We thought other period was coming, said by him.

Yulia Vysotskaya, his better half who heads the branch of industry in the nearby government. She is a customary gathering laborer, whose life is isolated by the dissent into previously, and the wake of. According to the chief, the film is about how these occasions were seen by individuals. For example, her veritable, standard expert to the socialist reason, his folk’s generation, said by him, and others like him quick to see recorded equity. This the wake of the misfortune, all notice of it was taboo. More than 1000 people had to sign a nondisclosure explanation, and the gathering authorities liable for the shooting. Were they rarely rebuffed also the dubious passing of people engaged with the examination.

Venice Film Festival, Film festival Taipei, July 31 (CNA) Two Taiwanese virtual reality (VR) projects

What was the hero sister up to? The hero Sister Natalia, a religious recluse, 17 years already. In 2002 She was at the melodic nordost with her significant other and two kids when fear mongers held on to the theater. Natalia endures, yet not her family, afterward, torment with blame and mental injury, she took shelter in a religious circle. Presently, she intends to come back to society to hold a dedication evening authoritatively depicted as a gathering. Same time battling to grapple with her past.

Legend of the whaler boy, shot in Chukotka, is 15-year-old tracker Leshka, whose town has at long last got Internet get to. He gets intrigued by a withdrawn young lady from America he meets in a video talk, and sets himself the challenging test of without any help crossing the fuming waters of the Bering Strait to see her on the contrary landmass.

It was an expressive story about growing up, a joint Russian, belgian, Polish creation, was shot on the spot in Chukotka. Notwithstanding being Moscow chief Philipp Yuriev’s first complete highlight, the movie was supported by the unmistakable Rock Films studio under acclaimed Russian executive Alexei Uchitel. Who created it, back during shooting, Yuriev vowed to incorporate numerous narrative scenes into the activity. Some were shot from a drone chasing marine creatures, for instance. What’s more, the fundamental jobs went not to proficient on-screen characters? The movie festival has added two more files to the festival show which will be airing soon.

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