Venice Film Festival opens despite pandemic

Venice Film Festival opens despite pandemic.

The Venice Film Festival opens on Wednesday with tough relief measures being put in place for the company’s first global rival since the scandal struck. With 18 films competing for the highest award and helping filmmakers to ignore the virus issue for a while. During Wednesday’s first film, “Lacci” by Italian chef Daniele Luchetti, the hall was filled with half of the book’s authors, who took the temperatures before they were allowed. Throughout the decoration ensures the eccentricity of the occasion of the current year.

Opposite viruy direct directions, “read the shiny vertical signs”, Wear a face mask. Keep a safe isolation, wash your hands. The sound of the exercises entered the hot air air as the staff approached their late plans and books. Year in Venice, they mixed the celebration with the festival, we are in a masked football, mocking the Italian secretary to his teammates.

Nearly 6, 000 people are expected

A tribute to the festive director Alberto Barbera, tanned and without a veil, as he gave interviews on an honorable trip about the importance of next year’s festival. I’m full of energy and a little nervousness”, admits Barbera, dressed in a bright blue dress with warmth. In May, Barbera opted for the high stakes to make “La Mostra” currently in its 77th year despite film festivals around the world choosing a nomination, including French Venice, Cannes Film Festival. . We feel obligated to be first, we’ve found that Venice will be such a test for everyone, he said. For a few months around the world, many moviegoers sat on bands and theaters bored with the scan.

Nearly 6, 000 people are expected to attend most of the standard number of festivals this year, as dream destinations around the world have limited the ability of travelers to travel. Most of the Hollywood A-rundowns will be outings, with Australian actress Cate Blanchett providing this year’s star power as the head of the jury. It’s a starless festival as Hollywood opens its doors, “Barbera told AFP”. Would it be a surprise no less? Really, will there be more stars on the road tomorrow? Of course.

Venice Film Festival opens despite pandemic

Still, there will be many popular films, 65 from 50 unique countries, a reference to the text and collection of modern films. Eighteen films from the first competition will compete for the highest award of the festival, the highest civilized lion.

If done safely, it is currently the perfect opportunity for movie lovers to return to the theater seats, Barbera said. We are tired of watching movies going on, he said. Nearby Europe allows them on Tomorrow’s Road, where in recent years they have squeezed after the end of decisions to get a photo or signature of their favorite stars.

41 universal film festivals just as a few exchange associations and associations speaking to the business have marked a call routed to public. And local foundations for sure fire alleviation measures and to protect the current festival biological system at the public, provincial and worldwide level after the harm brought about by the disease flare-up. In their record, the signatories feature that, since March, spring occasions “have been obliged to drop or defer their 2020 versions, while the celebrations due to be held later in the year need to improvise”. Also, the temperamental atmosphere and the additional costs caused speak to a genuine test to the festival biological system’s supportability.

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